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Milk & Oats Facial Cleanser

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Milk & Oats Facial Cleanser
Manual exfoliation is key to revealing healthy, glowing facial skin. Add to that a gentle, moisturizing cleanser and you're all set.

Milk & Oats Facial Cleanser and Scrub is a creamy, gently cleansing soap blended with nutritious olive oil and hydrating meadowfoam seed oil, mineral-rich coconut milk powder and Fuller's Earth clay, with the added benefits of soothing colloidal oats.

Indulge in the sweet scent of anise essential oil blended with all natural Indonesian nutmeg seed, cassia bark, green cardamom and Basmati vanilla.

Organic coconut sugar and walnut shell powder provide gentle manual exfoliation.

Good for all skin types. Recommended to use three (3) times per week.

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